When pursuing a career in the aviation industry the most important thing to have on your resume is logged flight hours. Without enough hours many of the more lucrative piloting jobs will not be available to you. Charter companies, private corporations and airlines, both national and regional, all require a certain number of hours before they will even consider your application. The "traditional" way to get enough hours for one of these high-paying jobs is to enroll at a big flight school that will take you from zero hours to airline ready. The problem with this path is that once you are ready to finally start looking for work, you will have $85,000.00 or more in student loans!

Becoming a certified flight instructor is the most practical and cost-effective path to a career in the aviation industry.

Here at the Myrtle Beach Academy of Aviation, you can start with zero hours and in as little as 4 months and $35,000.00 you can become a multi-engine certified flight instructor. We offer all of our CFI ME graduates the opportunity to work for us right after graduation and pay $25.00/hr. Working for us as a flight instructor you can earn upwards of $52,000.00 per year - right after you graduate! Not only will you have less debt by becoming a certified flight instructor, you will also earn a substantial income while logging in the remaining flight hours to move onto the higher paying jobs!

Flight Instructors teach at various levels. They offer primary instruction for the Private Pilot Certificate as well as more advanced instruction for a Commercial Certificate, Instrument Rating, Multi-Engine Rating, and Airline Transport Pilot Certificates. When you are teaching your students, you can log those hours as your flight time, and get paid for those hours, while you work as a Flight Instructor.

Several Financing Options Are Available!

You can visit our financing page HERE to take advantage of pilot financing programs from AOPA & Pilot Finance INC. Additionally, many of our students use their college funds to pay for their initial pilot training, often times with money left over! If you have an existing college fund you can out it to use and start a career that pays as much as $52,000.00 per year right after you graduate!

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